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Review Of Twisted Perfection~Abbi Glines

 Four months ago, 19 year old Della Sloane was on a roadtrip to nowhere and everywhere to find herself after the death of her mother. This is a first for her because Della has never been out in the world before, traveling is a whole new thing for her. While traveling the road unknown she casually stops at a gas station to get gas as she is trying to figure out exactly HOW to pump gas she hears a deep southern drawl ask her if she needs help

"You okay? Need some help?"

She turns around and comes face to face with Woods Kerrington, who is smoking hot

"His dark brown eyes appear to twinkle with laughter as he stared back at me. He had a really nice smile. All white teeth framed by a face that looked like it hadn't seen a razor in a few days"

After a brief lesson from Woods on how to pop open her gas door and a few lustful looks between the two they introduce themselves

"Della. I like that name, It fits you, Its sexy and mysterious."

"Woods. I like it. Fits you."
Just as Della is about to leave to continue her journey, Woods asks her to dinner which Della accepts. At dinner there is some MAJOR sexual tension between them that oozes off the pages. My hearts was racing, i was panting and chugging down bottles of water to cool myself off. How Mrs. Glines got through that scene i don't even know. It was so hot! Don't believe me? Check out this brief scene

"You ready to go find that hotel room of you and let me get the bed nice and warm for you? I asked grinning down at her and slipping my hand between her legs. She froze at first then slowly eased them open so that i could move my hand up high enough to feel the dampness against her panties"

OOOMG WOODS! Whew is it hot in here? No? Just Woods? Ok thought so. You can pretty much guess that they didn't even make it to her hotel room, they only made it to the parking lot in the back of Woods truck for some mind blowing truck rocking SEX!

After having pretty much the best sex that either of them have ever had in there lives! They part ways and never see each other again but arent to far from each others minds. Dellla ends up in Dallas working at a bar as a waitress until she can gather enough money to head to Vegas. While working at the bar she has a secret relationship with her boss Jeffery Odom, which Della has labelled "annoying". He calls her in for a meeting and tells her pretty much that he thinks it best if she leaves and that the thing between them has gotten to serious. Now at this point my "BULLSHIT ALARM" is going off! I am yelling at my book saying "Nuh uh something is up. Like this guy is a total asshole." And i was correct because as she is leaving, who else walks in the room? THE ASSHOLE'S WIFE! HE'S MARRIED!  And to add to this SHE'S PREGNANT ALSO! WHAT THE FUCK RIGHT?!

Della is furious and embarrassed. She had no idea he was married and says her apologies to the wife but not before telling Jeffery to go to hell. I personally would have knocked him out. But that's just me. Anyways as she is leaving she is comforted by her friend/coworker Tripp who is a bartender. Tripp tells her to take some time to heal, spend time in a small town and take things slow. And tohelp her do this he offers to call his cousin who lives in a coastal town to hook her up with a job and offers his condo to crash in rent free. All she has to do is go to the job and ask for the boss.

So she heads off to the Country Club that Tripp set up her appointment. When the boss appears she is shocked to her core. The boss is none other then Mr. Truck Rocker himself. WOODS!

"Are you Mr. Kerrington?"

"Depends, My dad is also Mr.Kerrington, I typically go by Woods"

They are both blown away at the sight of each other because it was been months since their causal hookup and mainly because they havent been able to stop thinking of each other. Della wants to get as far away from him as she can and Woods needs to keep away from her to do his job because he knows if he doesnt he will be tempted to fuck her again. Which he wants too. But they managed to push what happened aside long enough for Woods to give Della a job as a waitress. Along with dealing with the fact she slept with her boss she is also dealing with haunting memories that send her into a catatonic state of her mother who for years imprinted within her how dangerous the outside world is. She has told her never to go outside because there are diseases that she could bring inside of the home, how selfish she is. She fears she is becoming her mother something that she does NOT want to become. When she finally snaps out of them she makes friends with her coworker Bethy who invites her to a party where she meets Jace, Thad and Grant who takes a interest in Della much to Woods dismay. Grants interest in Della causes Woods to take Della into a room where they have sex again.

Now here is where the shit hits the fan. After they fuck, Bethy, who knows what they are doing tells Woods he has to stop because Angelina has arrived. Now your probably thinking, Hmm Bella who is Angelina? Funny you should ask because thats what Della was wondering too.

"Who's Angelina?"

"Shes my soon-to-be fiancee"

"Soon to be?'

"Im going to ask her to marry me tomorrow 

HOLY FUCK! AGAIN RIGHT? Ok now enough with a brief summary of the book I'm gonna dive into my thoughts

                                                                             My Thoughts

This book was very very GOOD! Because it is so thin i didn't have high hopes for it. My friend, Jessica over at booktalkwithjess raved about this book and i can see why. It is thin it's 247 pages but that deflect from the drama, the romance the conflict within this book. I loved so much her writing flows so well, there is so much depth. She writes in a way that makes you feel for these characters, you feel the chemistry between Della and Woods. There was never a dull moment , it doesn't drag on as some books do. I literally stayed in bed reading. The chapters switch between but Della and Woods POV so you connect with both characters. I felt so bad for Della, she was so lost and scared and cared for Woods whom she couldn't have but wanted so badly but doesnt think she is good enough for him and scared of whom she may become one day. Just as Woods wanted Della and feels the need to protect her  and save her and just wants to be in her life.

I give Twisted Perfection- 4 Lapdances! I loved this book. I recommend it. If you haven't read it i say go get it NOW but be warned it does end on a cliffhanger

                                                                       Favorite Quote
You are mine. Do you hear me? You are mine, Della Sloane. I will take care of you, Nothing is taking you away from me. Nothing.



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