Friday, February 7, 2014

The Opportunist-Tarryn Fisher Review

Caleb and Olivia meet while they are in college, him being the hottest and most popular guy on campus and her being the type of girl who rather stay in the library with her head in a book and study. She is a beautiful girl but her tough attitude keeps people from approaching her. That is until Caleb takes a interest in her and they two of them being to date.

"Caleb was like a hurricane that swept through my life, stirring up things inside of me that I never knew existed. He is a longing I will never cure"

But Olivia has so many secrets, tells so many disgusting lies that cause them to break up in a horrible way. Caleb says the most heartwrenching to Olivia that Im sure left her with a burn that would never go away

"I will love again Olivia, you will hurt forever. What you've done is....You are worthless because you make yourself that way. You will remember me every day for the rest of your life because I was the one and you threw me away"
Four years later they go their seperate ways but a chance run in at a record store brings them together again, It is there where Olivia finds out that Caleb was in a accident and has no idea who she is. SCORE. This is the perfect Opportunity for Olivia to win back the love of her life


I didn't feel like i was reading a story i felt like i was watching a more drama filled show then Degrassi. This is
a emotional roller coaster coming together in a huge damn gigantic ride.Caleb is the type of guy that every girl wants. He's British, hot, sweet. He loves Olivia so damn much and i adore that. But i did have some issues with him and how he handled the situation. Olivia is my book GIRLFRIEND. I am in love with her. Yes she does constantly keep her feelings hidden because she has a fear of getting hurt but that's why i love her because I have that fear too. There is a quote she says that i understand completely

"I was a relationship retard, I kicked, shoved and punched people out of my life, so they never had the chanceto hurt me."

That quote is me in so many ways. I see myself in Olivia, not the manipulating parts but other things like she is insecure too. You want her to open up and be honest about her feelings. And she does towards the second half of the book but she never forgets to remind you that she is Olivia and not everything is as it seems

"I took it a step further, because remember, I fight dirty"

Leah- THIS FUCKING BITCH! I HATE HER. She is Caleb's current girlfriend and has hated Olivia from the start. She manipulates her way into Caleb life and uses anything in her power to keep them apart, Say it with me BITCH BITCH BITCH I hated how everything turned out but i loved that i hated it. I mean how do you not lose yourself when the man you love with your heart and soul drops to his knees and bawls his eyes out?! God im getting all tensed thinking of Caleb in that way. Omg if you haven't read this please do it. This book is FUCKING AMAZING!!!!! This is the first in the Love Me With Lies series. This one is told from Olivia's POV, The Second is Dirty Red and follows Leah and the last one is Thief and it follows Caleb. Tarryn Fisher also has a new book coming out called Mud Vein which is a romantic standalone that is being released this year.



"I am Olivia Kaspen, and if I love something I rip it from my life. Not intentionally, not unintentionally either"

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